The life of a student has become much more difficult in recent years. Increasing tuition fees and fewer opportunities for summer jobs have placed an undue burden on families and students alike. Upon graduation, many students find that they have accumulated thousands of dollars in student loans that will take years to repay, and the prospect of finding a good paying job is even more daunting, especially in the North.

Youth Out-Migration

While many graduating students will want to venture out to seek greener pastures elsewhere, many would want to remain in their home town and build a family here. Unfortunately, that choice is not always available and many have and continue to leave this city and region.

I have remained involved with the Lakehead University Alumni and participate in many functions on campus and throughout the community. In the picture below on the left, I am representing the City at the 2018 convocation and giving the thumbs up with the LU mascot for a great future full of opportunities for our graduates. In the picture, I am also with Dr. Rosehart, past president of LU.

I believe in the value of education and a few years ago I returned to Lakehead University where in August of 2010 I completed a Master in Business Administration

My Own Experience

As a graduating Business student in 1984, I also faced the prospect of having to leave the city to find work. I was lucky to find a good job in my field as a cost analyst at Kimberly Clark of Canada in Longlac, only three and one-half hours drive from Thunder Bay. I was able to come home almost every week-end. Most of my fellow graduates went out west, down east, and the United States.

The Opportunity Cost

The loss of young, educated professionals have and will continue to place a heavy burden on this region’s ability to grow and prosper. We cannot allow our best and brightest entrepreneurial minds to continue leaving this city without undermining the future viability of our community.

Our Economic Vision and Plan

As your Member of Parliament, I will work with community partners and the Thunder Bay Economic Development Commission to create opportunities for our young people and good paying jobs on which to raise a family. My years of work with multinational corporations in the city and region, plus my vast experience in community economic development, business, and labour, give me the knowledge and expertise to implement forward-thinking action plans.