Accountability and Transparency

During my 3 terms on City Council and as your Member of Parliament, my guiding principles will continue to be:
  • Accountability – do what we said we would do
  • Transparency – be an open and inclusive local government
  • Financial (live within our means), social (to build a community for everyone), and environmental responsibility (leaving our natural environment better than we found it)
The concept of  Open Government”  is one of my core values, and I want tobring Parliament Hill to the community.” Being available to meet with constituents and inform them about what our government will do to help make life easier for all Canadians is my commitment to all my constituents as your Member of Parliament. 
Financial responsibility alone is not enough to ensure the well being of our citizens and therefore social and environmental responsibility has and continues to play a significant role in my vision of a progressive and sustainable community when no one is left behind.  
As your Member of Parliament, I am committed to continuing this process of engagement and open dialogue with you and our community. While the government and party websites are great tools to get many answers and provide feedback, I believe that it is up to us elected officials to take the lead in reaching out and be available through a more open process that will clearly tell our community that we are prepared to be leaders when dealing with communication and transparency and the public’s right to know.