Economic Development

Governments on their own do not create jobs but can help create the conditions that favour investments, expansions, and growth. As your Member of Parliament, I will continue to support investments that create jobs, grow our economy, and build a safer community.

As a former Board member of the Community Economic Development Commission, I have been directly involved in the negotiations that allowed companies like Superior Propane (Administrative support), MeaGlow (The Lakehead University Semiconductor Research Lab) and many others, to move to Thunder Bay and create hundreds of good-paying jobs.

I have also worked diligently to ensure that our local businesses are given the tools to expand and grow, by lowering commercial and industrial tax rates, reducing red tape and bureaucracy wherever possible, and through a comprehensive business retention and expansion program that directly engaged our small business community in on-site interviews and consultation.

Part of our plan to grow to the economy will be to break down interprovincial trade barriers by implementing an Interprovincial Free Trade Agreement (IFTA).

How Well Are We Doing

I have been a strong proponent of performance Indicators to see how well we are doing as a city and especially in the area of employment.
The chart above provides a pretty good indication that we have been able to maintain our own even though we lost over 7,000 direct and indirect jobs after the demise of the forestry industry during the 2008 recession and afterwards.

Areas of Opportunities for Economic Growth – Mining and Other

Obviously more needs to be done to create the kind of growth that allows our young people and workers to stay and work in our beautiful city, and provide those who left a reason to come back. The Ring of Fire provides many such opportunities and there has already been an increase in jobs in the Mining sectors through the mines that are already operational in our region.