Like other areas of Northern Ontario, our infrastructure, especially roads in Thunder Bay—Superior North are now subject to the devastating impact of climate change with 3-4 thaw/freeze cycles per year. While we have invested heavily into roads in the last four years, we are still playing catch up due to low investment in our roads in the past.
As a taxpayer, we want and expect value for our tax dollars. As a Councillor at Large between 2006-2010, and 2014-2018 I have asked for and initiated resolutions of Council to increase the budget for pothole repair, including the purchase of a pothole machine and for major investment into our roads.
Another area of improvement has been the underground work (old water and sewer lines replacement) being done when we fix a road, to avoid future excavation of newly paved roads. This accelerated investment in infrastructure has prevented flooding in areas like Northwood, the East End and Intercity.
Much has been accomplished and the results are evident; however, we need to continue such investment in our roads and sewer without increasing taxes.
As your Member of Parliament, I will represent the best interest of our community for infrastructure investments.